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Is outsourcing good or bad?

If you're a sole trader or small business owner have you ever thought of outsourcing?

"Delegate or outsource everything except the stuff you’re awesome at. It allows you to focus on the tasks you’re amazing at." -Cameron Herold

When you think about outsourcing in your business what thoughts come to mind?

Cost, Loss of control, Where to even start deciding what to outsource?


Let's look at it in a simple way.

You are the key selling point to your business.

Therefore your time is money and that is a cost to your business.

Reconciling your bank account for instance can take a considerable amount of time if there is a missing piece of paperwork.

Researching and scheduling content can take time, time you could be spending on other things. You could be chasing a new lead planning, completing that new proposal.

Even home tasks can be outsourced, cleaning, food prep, planning for your holidays, booking parking - the list goes on. If the company you outsource to is purely focusing on the task in hand and not trying to multitask; as you yourself might be - then the task is likely to get done is less time and with less stress to yourself. In turn this will cost you less.

So find the things that you don't enjoy, that aren't your strengths or take too much time and pass them on!

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