About You

Business owner or manager seeks more time in their day to concentrate on what they do best!

You are a businesses owner, sole trader, entrepreneur or manager and you are great at your job. You probably don't relish raising invoices, chasing invoices, managing receipts, expenses and cashflow and you're not keen on having to sift through lots of unwanted emails in order to find the one you wanted.

You probably also need more hours in your day!

You are not sure that you need a personal assistant - you may only need help in specific admin areas. You may also need more help at times and less help at others - that doesn't make for a great recruitment ad! 

You'd like to spend more time on the business that you know and less time on the administration, book-keeping, event planning and diary management. There are opportunities to grow your business but you just don't have time to take them all. You may spend your 'spare' time catching up on paperwork and a couple of times a year, you may hand your accountant a bag full of receipts! 

You spend time organising meetings and not just attending them, you may get caught up in phone calls that you could really do without, and emails ... how many emails can one company send you before they get the message that you really aren't interested in buying something from them?!

You probably have a great website but may not have time to keep it up to date; you may have lots of things you'd like to say on social media but you just don't have the time.

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